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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Father I come from Scotland U.K where the homosexual brigade are rampant. I stumbled across your page after seeing you being verbally cruxified in a so called Catholic Progressive homosexual blog . I just want to thank you for standing up for our Faith and not giving in to these reprobates . I have tried to print 3 letters to them as the thread was on how you refused Communion to so called Married Homosexuals. Whatever that means as it baffles me surely a Marriage has to be consumated and to my limited knowledge I still haven’t read where Sodomy equals Consumation. What really gets to me is what part of being a Catholic that these Homosexuals don’t understand as they profess to being expert in every other field . Father keep up Gods good work and True Word God Bless you .

    • Thanks William for your prayers and support. I actually never denied these men Holy Communion. I simply met with one of them on a Monday morning in the Rectory after he approached me about my homilies – he didn’t like them. I figured this was the perfect moment to tell him that because he is “married” to another man, he is no longer in “communion” with the Church, and therefore should not receive Holy Communion until he gets out of this public, immoral relationship. He immediately went to the media with it, and then for the next 5 days, I received the hateful e-mails and phone calls from the “tolerant” homosexual lobbyists. Thank God, it all died down, for now. God bless! Let us continue to pray for one another as we bear witness to Jesus Christ and our beautiful Catholic Faith.

      Fr. Sistare

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