“There is often a hesitancy to delve into the complexities of homosexuality because the topic is controversial in our society.  No one, especially a priest, wants to be misunderstood as hating a group of people—and in our society when one speaks against an active homosexual lifestyle that person is often accused of speaking against a specific group of people, rather than against their actions.  There is a special opportunity today for priests to represent the love of Christ and the Church to a group of people who feel as though they are out on the margin, unsure of where they stand—perhaps they are waiting for someone to extend a hand, and especially to reassure them of God’s love and mercy.  No matter what someone brings to the questions surrounding homosexuality, one thing I’m sure of is that we all share a desire to alleviate suffering and to bring peace to the heart.  Persons with same-sex attractions often suffer greatly in a great variety of ways.  They carry a difficult and persistent cross.  I know the Church has a great heart for them, understands their suffering, and wants to do something to ease it. I’ve come to love my work with Courage members, who are a remarkable and noble group of souls.  I’ve learned that those who struggle with homosexuality are individuals with a wide variety of stories and experiences.  But they hold in common the desire to love and be loved.  Courage understands this human need and can offer the help, hope and charity of Jesus Christ.”  The beautiful words above come from Fr. Check, the Director of the group called Courage, in an interview he gave to Zenit, on what advice he would give to his brother priests when it comes to dealing with the issue of homosexuality.  Courage helps those with same sex attractions live chaste lives.  From their website:  “By developing an interior life of chastity, which is the universal call to all Christians, one can move beyond the confines of the homosexual label to a more complete identity in Christ”. (www.couragec.net)

My brothers and sisters, we live in a time where the homosexual AGENDA is being pushed down our throats.  Whether it is the Grammy Awards, the Chevrolet commercials during the Olympics, or the “President” of the US pushing the gay agenda onto other countries, you can’t avoid being affected by it.  Let us reach out to those who suffer with same sex attractions, rather than celebrate their suffering (which the gay agenda does), or condemn persons with these very real attractions (which goes against what Jesus teaches).  Like Jesus, let us always love the sinner but hate the sin. 



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