Wow, it has been over a month since my last post, which was about “The Truth About Obamacare!”.  I think it has taken a month just to deal with how bad this “law” is for us Americans.  Well, thankfully, despite human disasters like Obamacare, we have a beautiful day that we will celebrate this coming Thursday – Thanksgiving!  There is so much to be thankful to God for!  This is what Thanksgiving Day is all about.  Yes, there is the great food.  There is the coming together of families, relatives and friends.  And then of course, there is football – now 3 NFL games to watch!  But above all these things that we enjoy on Thanksgiving Day, there is the Giver of them all – God Himself.  He has given us so much – the gift of life, the gift of our health, the gift of family members, relatives, and friends, the gift of creation (especially our animal companions – personally I’ll be having my first Thanksgiving with my dog that I adopted in July), the gift of our Catholic Faith – what better way to start our Thanksgiving Day than to go to Mass on Thursday and receive the Body and Blood of Jesus (“Eucharist” the Greek word for “Thanksgiving”), the gift of our religious liberty (which we still have – for now), et cetera.  Let us spend every day of our lives giving thanks to God, but especially on Thanksgiving Day.  God Bless!

Fr. Sistare



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