What Ever Happen to Professionalism in the Workplace?

I went to the Family Dollar Store the other evening and as I was looking for different items on my list, two workers were having a loud conversation with one another, even though they were in different aisles.  The male worker then made a very lewd, sexual joke toward the female worker.  He looked at me as though I was supposed to laugh at his remark.  Instead I decided to just stare at him and then go on my way to shop.  Unfortunately this incident is not an isolated one these days.  I remember being at a Dunkin Donuts where the workers were publicly conversing with one another, using the “F-bomb” in their conversation.  Even this morning as I was having breakfast at a diner, the cook yelled from the kitchen to the waitress while she was waiting on me and my guest (who is currently visiting me for a bit before he goes back to Nicaragua).  And the list goes on and on.  Of course, the more we drift away from God in society, banning prayer and any references to Him in public, this lack of professionalism is not surprising.  Morals are at an all time low, which also is not surprising, because there is no accountability before God.  Let us pray first and foremost for the renewal of family life, where religion and morals are first taught.  Let us pray for parents to be parents in raising their children, bringing them to Church and teaching them the difference between right and wrong.  May all of us put the love of God as our first priority in this life on earth, so that we may then truly love our neighbor.Image 





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