Mother’s Day and Our Lady

Yesterday, we celebrated Mother’s Day.  What a beautiful day that is set aside to honor one of the two most important persons in our lives – our mothers.  Along with our fathers, our mothers first said “yes” to giving us life at our conceptions.  Then for 9 months, our mothers nourished us in their wombs as we grew daily until that moment of seeing the light of day at birth.  The vocation of a mother didn’t stop there.  It continues throughout this earthly life and extends even until the next life.  This leads us to the most perfect human being ever created, she who is now in Heaven praying for each one of us – our Blessed Mother Mary.  Mary conceived Jesus at the Annunciation.  She nourished Him in her womb for 9 months, gave Him birth (Christmas Day), spent 30 years with her Son, and then stood by Him with her maternal presence as her Son Jesus went forth proclaiming the Good News of the Kingdom of God for 3 years.  Mary’s heart was then pierced as she witnessed the incredible pain and suffering of her Son’s Passion, and eventual Death on the Cross.  As Jesus lay dying, He entrusted Mary to us as our Mother through the Apostle John with the words, “son, behold your Mother”, and then to Mary, “Mother, behold your son”.  Mary is now with her Son Jesus in Heaven, praying for us.  May we always honor and revere our earthly mothers, as well as always honor, revere, and pray to our Heavenly Mother Mary.  She will continue to lead and guide us closer to Jesus while here on earth, and ultimately lead us to be with Him forever in Heaven.  Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

Stained glass at the Roman Catholic church of ...

Stained glass at the Roman Catholic church of Our Lady of Ascension, or the Mother Church, of Espinho. Depicts at the centre Jesus and possibly Mary Magdalene, on the left hand side Mary, mother of Jesus, and on the right hand side the apostle John. Espinho, Portugal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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