St. Joseph the Worker

Today we celebrate the wonderful feast of St. Joseph the Worker.  What an amazing Saint he is!  He lived with two perfect, sinless people – Jesus and Mary.  St. Joseph was a husband who loved his wife Mary very much.  He was a father who loved his foster son Jesus very much.  He was also a carpenter by trade – a worker.  He taught Jesus the trade of carpentry.   St. Joseph also teaches us about the value of work.  Work is never meant to be an “ends” in itself.  Rather, work is always meant to be a “means to an end”.  God Himself “worked” for six days in creating the Heavens and the earth, and then rested on the 7th day – the Sabbath.    So too do we as human beings work during the week, and try to do our best to rest on Sunday (i.e. keep holy the Sabbath day).  We work to provide food, clothing, and shelter for ourselves and our families.  We work to provide the basic necessities we need to live by.  Having this mentality of work as a “means to an end” helps us avoid being “workaholics”.  A second challenge that we face with work, and that St. Joseph the Worker can help us with, is to bring in a spirituality to our work.   This means that we should work with a spiritual mentality that we are furthering the Kingdom of God by our work, keeping in mind that God is always with us – even at work.  May St. Joseph the Worker intercede for us, helping us to always appreciate the gift and value of work.

St. Joseph the Carpenter, by Georges de La Tou...

St. Joseph the Carpenter, by Georges de La Tour, 1640s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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